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  吉野 実岐子(よしの みき)/ Miki Yoshino                              0

  慶応義塾大学大学院 政策・メディア研究科 修士課程卒 / M.A. in Social Science at Keio University
  米国CTI認定 プロフェッショナル・コーアクティブ・コーチ / Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

                                                  Photographer:Eiko Shimozono








   "I am a mammal on Earth, called a human who is trying her best to live in purity.

  For over 40 years, I have lived in a human society supported by animals and plants that are our brothers and sisters.
  My life has been saved by deities which are energies found and set by humans.

  I have a yearning to keep on being a part of Earth with my head bowed.
  To take back true creativity which can set the energy level of deities into humans and support Earth in its purity.
  Both are my life's work.

  My favorite things are pickled Japanese plums and the tones of higurashi cicadas.
  When I imitate a cat's meowing, people often tell me that I am mostly a cat myself.

  Because of my astigmatic eye, I always need to rely on colors, so I tend to have colorful things.
  Because my feet are thin, European shoes fit me better than Japanese shoes.

  Included in the history cache of my life is playing the piano, being class president, studying French and working in the corporate world
  to experience all aspects of running a company.

  Now I earn a living, when I listen or write."

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