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2011年〜2012年は、あらゆる存在にとって清い地球をのこすべく、まずは人間社会全体に起きていることについて思考や着想を共有する「グローバル・カンバセーション・サークル」(英語)も、無償提供しました。2015年〜2016年は、清い地球の一部であろうと体現する努力をされている方向けに、雇用を創出する「Les Colombes Blancheプロジェクト」も行いました。


⇒ プロボノのお申し込みは、こちらからお願いします。

Since 2006, portions of the proceeds of Global Flowering’s business operations have been donated to supporting activities for bringing purity in harmony on earth for all beings.

From 2011 to 2012, Global Flowering has offered a free forum called “the Global Conversation Circle” to share thoughts and ideas related to our global situation for bringing purity in harmony for all beings through a teleconferencing system. From 2015 to 2016, Global Flowering has started a job creation project called “Les Colombes Blanche” for people who sincerely aim to embody purity as a part of Earth.

Since 2019, Global Flowering has started to offer pro-bono coaching for those who contribute to the common good like, volunteer probation officers or unpaid doctors. Pro-bono coaching does not include a feedback e-mail nor any support after a spot coaching session. This special free session is served to only two people every month on a first-come-first-serve basis.

⇒ Please click here to apply for pro-bono coaching.

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