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My coaching is an inspirational space and time which brings you back to wholeness and biologically develops you, so that you can live in freedom towards truth. Memories choke you and make you lose yourself. Only truth heals you. You will return to your home which is the here and now. Your choices always directly effect space and time on Earth.

The foundation of my coaching is Co-Active Coaching. Co-Activeness is being a part of humanity which lives in the natural laws of circulation and regeneration. We can transcend our preconceived ideas through continuous curiosity from an open heart. This process helps to create purity in harmony on earth.

The more you live in freedom towards truth, the more your body, which is a type of space, transforms as part of natural law. It means that your rusty full sensory perception will awaken. You will be naturally equipped a different way to use your body, fine-grained skin and a harmonized body with your genetic property. You will start to choose different places as comfortable places. It will be easier to maintain focus. You'll have a deeper insight into everything. The right recognition of body will make those processes bright and delight.

Please prepare a quiet space and reliable internet access to have a deep dialogue and a curiosity to keep on searching for hidden dominant questions in you. The seeker of questions lives in freedom towards truth, but the seeker of answers lives captive by memories. The purified body supports you to transform from the latter to the former.

You will realize that your body is your creative work. During that process, you will be confident in and responsible for the impact you will have. It is a part of growing your leadership and of deepening your awareness as a global citizen. Your six senses will be sharpened and lucid.

I invite you not only to the power of belief but also to the power of a sense to live in freedom towards truth. It will be an innovative experience for you.

The coach always lives in freedom towards truth. For daily practice, I tune my body precisely to create a purified body which supports living in freedom towards truth. In preparation for sensing your energy and your background during coaching sessions, I don't eat and drink to avoid dulling my full sensory perception before the coaching session.

I also manage all information thoroughly, including your energy which inhabits my space, by taking a shower, changing my clothes, cleaning up my room and using some shamanic techniques before coaching sessions.

These actions have a big influence on you. During coaching sessions, your muscles and fascia start to loosen, your bones settle into the right places, your breathing will be deeper, you will have a good blood flow and your visceral functions will improve. Even if I don't touch you and talk to you, these things happen. In addition to getting some outcome through my coaching skills, you will recognize your subtle body senses correctly and get a sharpened full sensory perception.

It will be easier for you to create a purified body which supports living in freedom towards truth. And you will understand natural laws by sensing. To live in freedom towards truth, you can use the power of belief appropriately and dynamically.

Whatever you say or write to your coach, it will never be shared with others without your permission. Even if I am forced to legally disclose it, I will do my best to get your permission. Even if you say something that legally requires me to disclose to the authorities, I will be as open as possible about my legal obligations with you before disclosure. I will do everything to help you understand such a situation and process.

Coaches always write, speak and behave with attention to clients' interests. With utmost care, I abide by ICF ethical guidelines and CTI professional ethics concerning coaching behavior. I will keep my eyes wide open to all kinds of greed and anthropocentricity concerning myself and enjoy being pure like a monk.

I will never share the nature of our relationship without your permission. For example, I will never respond to the following questions:

"What kind of relationship do you have with that person?"
"What does my boss say about me in the coaching sessions?"
"What is my daughter talking about in the coaching sessions?"
"Did Mr.Smith tell you that he had passed the first test in the coaching sessions?"
"Is that person still continuing coaching sessions?"

Otherwise clients are free to speak about our relationship and what you say in each session. It is OK that the payer is different than the client. But the payer needs to accept that information concerning the client will not be shared with the payer.

The coach and client create a safe environment and a breathing space together. Both commit to be co-active. For that we sign a confidentiality agreement. When clients request coaching, I promise that I will do my best to respond to your expectations.

Before we work together, you must have a single trial coaching session. Because we've refered over half of our clients to psychartists last year. It is a prerequisite to apply to my personal coaching starting in 2021. On the other hand, having a single trial coaching session never requires having a contract with us.

If you are intersted in a single trial coaching session, please send an email to Miki at email with "Trial coaching session" in the subject field.

In that email, please include your full name, the name you would like to be called, Skype username, cell phone number for emergencies, your availability, and the reason why you want to have a trial coaching session.

It costs 330 dollars or 330 euros per hour via Skype or phone. You may pay by bank transfer (to a Japanese bank) or credit card to pay the trial coaching session fee. You need to pay in advance. What you say in the session will be confidential. After you request the session, you cannot cancel it for any reason, even if you don't show up for that session.

After having the session, I will give you email support two times within a one month period.

1. Please send an email to Miki at . In that email, please include your full name, the name you would like to be called, Skype username, cell phone number for emergencies and the reason why you want to work with a coach.

2. You will get a response within 48 hours. In that email, I will suggest the first coaching session’s schedule and attach both an agreement form and discovery session materials. Your first coaching session is called a “discovery session."

3. Read and fill out the agreement form and return it promptly via post.

4. Prepare and email discovery session materials seven days before the session.

5. We will spend two and half hours for the discovery session via Skype or phone. We will make an itinerary, develop a strategy and set the goal of your journey as if we were traveling in the real world. The discovery session is also like an orientation for school. It costs 550 dollars or 550 euros. You may use a bank transfer (Japanese banks only) or credit card. You need to pay in advance.

After the discovery session, you will usually have a lot of fun souvenirs which is a kind of homework. Therefore, I recommend that you start a regular coaching session in the following month.

Between coaching sessions, you may get support via email. You may write down your realizations and discoveries about you and your life. Your coach helps you to deepen your learning with joy and to take actions smoothly. You may feel that your coach is always nearby.

At every coaching session we create your souvenir (homework) which deepens your learning and ability to take action. It continues for four month at minimum, including the first discovery session. It costs 550 dollars or 550 euros a month. We renew our contract every three months. I do not accept contract cancellations for any reason. The last coaching session is always a completion session which is like a graduation ceremony.

I do not accept clients who need medical treatment or are addicted to smoking, drinking, other drugs, or destructive behavior.

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