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Have you ever thought that you didn't clearly know about what has helped you in your life? Have you ever thought that you would have some kind of force which had unconsciously helped you to go through a difficult situation when you really needed it?

When we are aware of such an inner movement and how it works, we can evoke our inner resources. We will be lead to a more recovered state. We can achieve other options which we have never been aware of and we can be surpportive to ourselves.

And trauma is one of those resources. Trauma is like a flower which is always there so we do not pay attention to.

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FAP is an energy therapy for trauma recovery like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Thought Field Therapy. It has been founded and developed mainly by Nobuyori Ohshima since 1999. You have no need to remember and talk about hard experiences to recover from your trauma. And FAP has no side effects like producing false memories or feeling depression. It effectively works especially for PTSD and anxiety disorder.

If people who have been involved in and have witnessed disasters, accidents, bullying, harassment, or even seemingly minor incidents use FAP early, they can reduce the risk of developing PTSD, acute stress disorder and other mental illnesses. If you use FAP as a preventative, you can decrease the risk of being diagnosed with a major neurocognitive disorder and other mental illnesses in your future. From kindergarden students to the elderly, anyone who can move their mouth and touch their own fingers can use FAP. We can offer FAP both in person and in a group setting. According to my clients' feedback FAP is interesting and lighthearted.

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Even if nothing special happens, we sometimes experience overstimulating moments such as the pain of parting or being betrayed in our daily life. Overwhelming moments for each of us disturb the brain function which appropriately value and categorize what we experience. You cannot remember what was shocking to you and time is distorted. For example, when you think, "a tsunami came (situation), so I feel fear (emotion)." Your experience is appropriately valued and categorized in your brain. But if the link between "a tsunami came (situation)" and "I feel fear (emotion)" is broken, "I feel fear (emotion)" keeps on floating in your daily life. So you suddenly recognize that "I feel fear (emotion)" and you feel troubled by it. Because you cannot find the reason why you feel fear so suddenly. And such inner happenings will make you feel hemmed in as if you were bereft of freedom.

We have two required conditions to transform ourselves successfully. The first one is that our potential can be developed. And the second one is that inner inconsistencies will be included in an acceptable form. This is the essence of integration. And I respect your inner movement which comes from integration. So, my respect reaches your unknown flower (trauma) and you will feel like you are living in freedom. This process is very elegant, so sometimes your consciousness is not fully aware of it. But that is the right track for you to recover from trauma.

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We are preparing now.

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